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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Well, dern.

I gotta get a new doctor.

My regular doctor is almost due, and the office called a while back to tell me that due to her advanced pregnantosity she wasn't going to be able to perform my actual physical with the attendant grabbing and poking and cavity searches, but that I was encouraged to go ahead and get my bloodwork done and come in and consult with her anyway, just to make sure of my care in the time when she was going to be on maternity leave. Fair enough.

Well, when I got sick with the ick a couple of weeks ago, I called and talked to her nurse who told me she had been put on bed rest--but nothing about her not going to be able to see me.

And today? Time for my blood draw, and the girl said, "Did they tell you what was going on with Doctor Girl?" [Not her real name.]

Ah, well, I thought I knew, but there seemed to be more to it. I was instructed to go back to the office next door and talk to them. Which I did. Seems that I was supposed to have gotten a call to let me know that the doc was completely leaving the practice, and would not be seeing any more of her patients, and that none of the other doctors in the practice were going to be able to take any of her patients because they were already full to the brim. Gosh golly, that SURE WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW.

So, now I have to find another doctor. In another practice. I wish I could use Reba's doctors--they're all so nice. But I don't suppose once you've decided you want to be a gynocologist that you really are interesting in seeing any non-gynocological patients.

I just hope I can find someone else with thin fingers.

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