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Friday, March 04, 2005


Well, I'm very sleepy, for one thing. Wednesday night was one of those three-hour lecture/come-to-Jesus-meetings with Oldest in which she, Reba and I were locked in the bathroom until past 1:00 a.m. discussing the necessity of the 14 year old amongst us to not act like an angry horde of chimpanzees. Those like-clockwork episodes of high melodrama always take a lot out of me. So, less than four hours of sleep.

Then, last night I had a building meeting at church to go to, but first with a stop to see one of our families at the funeral home. Went straight from there to the church building, then set in for an hour-long meeting to discuss the addition. Thankfully, that meeting was much better than the one the previous night, and no one shouted about how I was ruining their life. We've got another one scheduled for Saturday, and I hope it turns out as well. Lots of good suggestions and good information exchanged, and all packed into an hour of time. Didn't get to leave though until nearly nine, though, because everyone wanted to talk after the meeting was over. ::sigh::

Stopped at Mickey D's and got me some supper, then went home and started in on getting everyone in bed. For some reason, Reba had decided to pick up the kids and take them shopping--partly because it was to get Catherine's birthday things (yes, two weeks late), and partly because we needed to get some food to take the folks who are having the funeral. Anyway, had to get them all fed and bathed and in the bed, and then find a current event story for Oldest's social studies class. Which I was told about at around 11 last night. Got her one on Steve Fossett, and one about how high school students have no concept of finances.

OH! And before Boy went to bed, I managed to remember to ask him how his sale went at school. Believe it or not, for the first time, he actually sold out of all of the things he made! He did have to lower his prices some as it got toward the end, but he managed to sell all twenty bean bags and grossed $17. UNFORTUNATELY, I had signed his "loan" form without really looking at it like I usually do, and he had put down that he only had $6.83 in expenses. I have no idea where he came up with that figure, but obviously, this means that he had to admit to actually making a $10.17 profit. Grr. Oh well.

Anyway, there are other things to do today that are going to cut into blogging time--I have to take off early to go get the food we're taking, and take it to the people's house.

They wanted it there at a very specific time, and I suppose it would be poor form to try to argue with the bereaved about the illogic of the timing and location. I'm just glad Reba's mom is close by--when we got everyone together to figure out the menu Wednesday night (yet another thing to add to the mix), the group decided we'd each do a pan of lasagna, and salad and bread (we're trying to feed 25 people), and so I got Reba to beg her mom to cook the lasagna at her house today so I could just zip away from work, pick it and the rest of our food up, and run it over to the other people's house. I sure hope this works.

THEN, I have to take Boy back to the orthodontist this afternoon after I do the food run. Seems Dr. Nancy found in his checkup a couple of weeks ago that he had a troublesome baby tooth that might need to come out, but we needed to go back and let his orthodontist consult on it as well. So, that to do.

I think I will try to go to bed early tonight. Maybe starting right now, at my desk.

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