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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Nine simple words...

Yet ones that should strike fear into your very soul--"Would you sit in on a meeting with me?"

::sigh:: IN addition to the stupifying meeting of the morning, I had just gotten back and was about to engage in a little bloggery when I got shanghaied into yet ANOTHER stupifying meeting, made even more burdensome by the fact that a) it was already full of people falling all over themselves to show their prowess in other people's field of expertise, b) it was already full of people for whom economy of speech is an entirely foreign concept. Leading to Situation X, in which I sit in a chair on the wall and fight lapsing into a coma. With only marginal success.

After thirty minutes, everything has been said that can be said. This didn't stop the meeting from going on another thirty minutes.

I hate meetings like that.

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