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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


What have I learned in all of my meetings today?

Not much. Although, I will say you will be muchly interested in the new McDonald's prototype buildings that will be appearing in your neighborhoods in the coming years.

IN OTHER NEWS, I did also want to mention that you will indeed be able to hear me be all catty about theater people in the coming months--Oldest will be portraying Meg March (who was played by Trini Alvarado (l)in the 1994 movie version--and who knew there were so many versions!?) in a couple of months in our hometown production of Diminutive Lasses. She's very excited about it, and I suppose I am, too.

IN FURTHER NEWS, there was a trip to both Wal-Mart AND the Dollar Tree last night! Catherine and I took Rebecca's glasses to be fixed (nose pad broke off) and then went and explored the world of crap that cost a dollar. Believe it or not, I think she's getting burnt out on the place. She just can't find good stuff--the choice came down to a 3 foot long rubber snake in a lurid green color, or a pack of skinny balloons with an air pump.

She finally decided on the balloons, which I made her promise to clean up when they pop, and to keep in the bag and not strewn all over the house. We'll see how that turns out.

TONIGHT--the usual Wednesday evening of hurriedly eaten supper and a dash to the church building, then back and into bed much too late.

BUT TOMORROW, O! tomorrow! We've got THAT to look forward to, now don't we!?

Sure we do!

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