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Friday, February 18, 2005

Weekend? Already!?

Well, pretty close. Yet another one that I can tell now will be spent sitting at the side of a certain wife of mine, who this week is learning about Excel. Now, she OUGHT to know Excel, since the last place she worked sent her for a day-long training class on it.

Somehow, I have a feeling that won't matter.

In other matters, there is the festivities for Catherine to consider. She really, REALLY wants to go to the skating rink (much safer than the stairs, you know). I have never understood the lure of the skating rink, but that may just be because I am large and clumsy, which always leads to soreness. And there will be the Trip to Wal-Mart for Gifts, which has replaced the element of surprise in gift-giving with a hearty and carefree avarice. Part of her gifts she's already gotten--one was her very own monogrammed pink-and-white-striped and poodle-applique-decorated sleeping bag from the Lillian Vernon catalog. She thought she was really in high cotton. This came to the house last Saturday, and sometime up during the day, she sneaked into our room, got it off of our bed where it was awaiting gift-wrapping, took it to her room, and sacked out on the floor. Slept for nearly four hours, which should have been my first clue that she might be coming down with something--she NEVER sleeps during the day, ESPECIALLY on a Saturday! She sure was cute, though, so we let her slumber away.

So, anyway, I imagine the weekend will be full of stuff. All of you come back Monday and if I can remember any of it, I'll tell you!

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