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Monday, February 07, 2005

So, what's the deal with THAT?!

Life, my friends, in great, greasy chunks.

So, how did this perfect storm get started?

Well, let's see--Reba, as you know, is taking classes to finish up her bachelor's degree. Straight-As so far. This term's class is Management Information, i.e., computers. As I have mentioned before, Reba is very far down on the computer literacy scale. She's used a computer in one form or another for over twenty years, but for the most part, it has always been something like a database program where you just input information. She can do minor word processing, and we have a greeting card thing she knows how to use, and she can somewhat do e-mailing if I am standing beside her, and she kinda knows about looking for things on the Internet (although she is a whiz at online ordering.) But as for anything else, it might as well be trying to learn Chinese. And, come to find out, our HP Pavilion doesn't have some of the programs that she's going to be studying and learning. Okay--so that's one storm front moving in.

Next--this planning charrette deal. Our little town has been working on a comprehensive plan since last year, but it got put on hold because of the elections and such, and is just now getting kicked back off. Since I'm one of the folks on one of the local boards, I got invited to come to a restarting-of-the-process meeting that was supposed to be held all day Saturday at the Girl Scount camp, and I was really looking forward to it, because of a personal reason that I will not delve into in a public way. Obviously, a whole day on Saturday spent doing Me Stuff is not the usual thing I do, but it's been on the calendar since January and we pretty much had it worked around. SO, that's a high pressure cell moving in from the east.

Third storm system was this deal with Oldest and the Valentine's party, which was inexplicably planned to include a Dress Like the '60s theme. She's usually very indisposed to do things with the kids at church, but for some reason decided to sign up for this. Which was fine. And then she asked a person who might be a boy if he possibly would have any interest in attending the get-together with her. And he, if indeed it was a he, said no. And seeing as how this person was asked two weeks ago, the resulting time was spent by Oldest in seething self-pity.

Fourth, a severe tropical depression brought on by simple cabin fever--Reba has been needing a date night for about two months now, and it never seems to fail that we have something to do on the weekend that Must Not Be Missed. The one chance of a potential date this past week fell through Friday evening when she asked her mom if it would be possible for the kids to stay with them overnight. But, this wasn't to be, for Grandma and Grandpa had a date planned for themselves.

Next: Thunder and Lightning. And a trip to Sam's Club! But I have Monday staff meeting first, so you'll have to wait just a bit.

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