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Friday, February 04, 2005


Ten people, representing eight different departments, discussing a project that dropped into a singularity a year ago, only to come tromping back across the Einstein-Rosen bridge two weeks ago with full vigor, carrying A-#1 Top Priority Why Hasn't This Been Finished Yet! status. Which just happens to be the same status it had before it disappeared in the first place.

After the obvious first step of assigning blame, there was much discussion, and a decided lack of action. Aside from determining appropriate action items.

My second order of business once I am elected supreme global overlord (after the first order of business of sending all the stupid people to the Island of Stupid People) will be to decree that no project meeting will last more than five minutes. This will be difficult for some, because it will require knowing what the heck you're talking about, and that someone actually make a decision.

Those unable to cope will be sent to the Island of Stupid People.

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