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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Despite the foulest efforts of disease and creditors, the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three has returned!

There has been much speculation in the neighborhood about whether your humble proprietor would be able to deliver the goods this week, but there should never have been any concern.

I have come to rely upon the kindness of the readership who are diligent in their efforts, even when I am not. SUCH IS THE CASE TODAY--although these were actually sent to me last week. I had already posted one set of questions when I received them (I blame Chet the E-Mail Boy for tardiness in not getting them to me any sooner) but I was told by the authoress that it would be perfectly acceptable to her if we waited until now to share them.

SO, young Miss Martha (aka Earth Girl) and producer of The Good Earth blog way up there in Hoosier country, pondered some ideas regarding our recently concluded Holiday of Love and sent me the following missive:

This is the last first Thursday before after Valentine’s Day. [Sorry--but remember, it was from last week. Ed.] Just think of Reba and three questions will come to mind, such as:

Okay, three do come to mind rather quickly, but I must confess they would be inappropriate for such a forum as this. Handily, however, Earth Girl does offer us all some alternative questions that might be a bit less forward. Being the thorough sort, Martha sent along a few more than three, and rather than attempt to edit them down, I’m just going to let all NINE of them go out, and give you the option of answering any three of them.

SO, think of your most specialest, icky-sweet lovie-dovie-pie and answer these questions:

1. What did you give your Valentine this year?

2. What's your most memorable Valentine’s Day?

3. In grade school, what was the Valentine’s Day protocol?

4. Did you ever have a secret Valentine?

5. What would be the most romantic day/gift you could have?

6. Are you and your Valentine romantically attuned? (Huh? I mean, do you have some need to express and receive romance?)

7. Is Valentines Day a non-event for you? If so, what, if any, romantic traditions replace it?

8. What was the most romantic time you had with your Valentine? (Romance, not sex, guys!) [I am not certain that pointing out this distinction should necessarily be directed at the male of the species. But, be that as it may, it is probably best that we stay away from discussing things that require doing a load of laundry the next day. Ed.]

9. What do you and your Valentine find romantic that others wouldn't?

Okay, there you go! All of you think back to the 14th most recently passed, or to others in your past, and tell us all about it. Remember, pick your three favorite questions, and either leave your answers in the comments below or leave an actual, functional, link to your blog. And again, many thanks to Earth Girl for her contribution! (Larry, we’ll get to yours next week!)

Mine will be up in a little while--I still have envelope stuffing to do. And sadly, that's not a double-entendre. I really am stuffing envelopes. :-(

BUT NO MORE! I am through with that, and although I am exhausted, here are my answers for today:

1) What I give her every year--a dozen roses, with a note thanking her for saying "yes" back in February of 1991 when I asked her to be my wife.

2) Well, obviously our first one together, which I believe I used to its fullest potential. My original intent was to take her to a nice restaurant, bring her home, walk her to the door, and at the very last minute pop the question. We went to the Cafe de France at the Botanical Gardens, had a lovely meal of some sort in which I tantalizingly avoided popping any questions, came home, and then we sat in her driveway for a very long time talking and I just couldn't wait, so I asked her to marry me right there instead of dragging out the whole act. It probably would have been more romantic in the restaurant, or in the house, but I suppose even the cab of an '86 Nissan pickup can be romantic in the right circumstances.

4) Yes.

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