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Friday, February 18, 2005

I tell you what, these two-day workweeks are KILLERS!

Thank goodness tomorrow's Saturday, when I will be able to rest and relax and recrea...yeah, I know. Anyway, today promises to be a bit less hectic than yesterday, so I might get to play a bit more today. AFTER the meeting--being that I am one of the emergency coordinators for our floor (designated to make sure anyone who panics during an emergency does so only after receiving permission), we have a Special Meeting in a few minutes to discuss Special Things. I am very happy! See? See me smiling?! Smile, smile, smile!

There is one woman who attends these meetings whose head must be filled with depleted uranium. She's so dense she bends light. Twenty minutes of every meeting (which thankfully don't get called that often) are spent answering her stupid obvious questions. Then there's another guy who comes and won't let the speaker finish talking before asking all sorts of other obvious questions, the vast majority of which would be answered by the speaker in the course of his monologue if the guy would just SHUT UP and LISTEN and quit trying to act like he's so brainy.

Me? I usually sit over to one side, slumped into a chair, jowl firmly planted in palm, a look of immense boredom painted on my face. Oh, excuse me--a bright smile plastered on my face!

Anyway, I'll be back in a bit.

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