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Thursday, February 10, 2005


I mentioned this morning about the buildings that were torn down that were beside the parking deck with the mural. Managed to find some fotos in our files of them from back in April of last year. This was the one that was directly adjacent to the deck. A fine old pile, that was just about ready to collapse. The brickwork was incredible, with the two round spires, and the arches, and the fluted pilasters between the windows. Also had a nice asymmetry to it, with the left bay (which housed the stairway) being skinnier than the two other windows. The building to the left was no great shakes, but it would have been okay if anyone had ever taken care of it. Those odd looking little squares in the transom with the beige goop over them? That was prismatic glass. Lots of buildings around here used to have that, and a few sensitive folks have managed to save several buildings with it.


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