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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Fun, As Usual!

Boy, I hate early meetings.

Anyway, at least the weather's nice and sunny, and the kids didn't have any cavities yesterday, and we actually had enough time once we got home to play outside! Jonathan got one of the flimsy foam airplanes from the prize box at Dr. Nancy's, so he and Catherine, and to a lesser degree, Rebecca, took turn running screaming around the yard flinging the thing. The version he got was a fascimile of one of my favorite airplanes of all times, the Grumman F6F-3.

Quoth Boy, "It's got a name, but I can't say it, because the first part of it's a CUSS WORD!"



"Well, when it's an airplane, it's not a cuss word."


And then he went screaming around the yard some more.

We also took some time to look at the cherry blossoms and pear blossoms--it's springtime, you know. I looked at the tangle of wisteria on the arbor, and the tangle of Mexican heather in the planter, and the not-currently-plugged-in fountain, and the creeping green of non-grass lawn material. Time to get busy. Or busier.

And right now, I have some bureacrating to do, so I'll get that done and be back shortly.

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