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Monday, January 03, 2005

You know you're in a heap of trouble...

...when you have to rely on a CBS "news" story to defend your case--

The Associated Press

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Richard Scrushy once sat down to talk with "60 Minutes" correspondent Mike Wallace about allegations that Scrushy started a huge fraud while CEO of rehabilitation giant HealthSouth Corp. Now, Scrushy wants Wallace to do the talking.

Set to go on trial this week on a 58-count indictment, Scrushy has subpoenaed Wallace and a CBS producer as witnesses to discuss their "60 Minutes" segment about the HealthSouth debacle, according to court documents filed Monday.

Wallace and producer Robert Anderson have asked U.S. District Judge Karon O. Bowdre to throw out the subpoena, citing their First Amendment rights and claiming they don't have anything to add to the case, anyway. [...]

Faster, Dickie Bird! DIG! DIG!

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