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Monday, January 31, 2005

You know--

The Guy Who Can’t Do Tables in MSWord is standing here right now, right in front of me, reciting for me the entire episode of Dharma and Greg where Dharma has to go to City Hall and try to appeal a traffic ticket, and then winds up running for city government, and you know, what? I’m REALLY not interested, because although I think Jenna Elfman’s cute, the way this story is being repeated--that is, by some guy who thinks the episode was much funnier than it actually was--has absolutely no Jenna Elfman in it. It’s just HIM, standing here, chuckling at everything he says, and I have to sit here with a wan smile on my face and occasionally nod my head while I’m typing this so he will think I’m trying to do my work and MIGHT just go away so that he won't bother me.

Which he isn’t doing right now. Going away, that is. Even though it’s obvious I’m not falling over dead at his stunning recreation of every bit of dialogue from the show.

Would it be bad form to poke him with my letter opener? I mean, not hard or anything, but just a quick jab to the area of his anatomy closest to the edge of my desk.

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