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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Oh, wouldn't you know it.

Getting ready to go, and just got a call from Reba on her cell phone saying a tractor trailer has ONCE AGAIN tumped over coming off of the Red Mountain Expressway onto I-59/20, shutting everything down. She got diverted over onto the southbound RME, and called me trying to get directions back home. She knows one way, one that winds up around Crestwood and out toward Montclair Road, but it's not the short or quick way.

I have also found out that it is nearly impossible to give her directions over the telephone because she has such a poor grasp of Birmingham's street grid. It is sorta convoluted, but if she would just take the University Boulevard exit off the Expressway, head west and then turn right on 24th Street, South, go over to 5th Avenue, North and turn right and take that to 31st Street, North, then turn left, she could then get right back on 59/20 past where the Expressway dumps out, and miss all the other traffic.

I tried to remind her that 5th is the one that goes through the old tunnel that ran under the long-demolished Terminal Station, but I might as well have been speaking Tagalog.

Oh, well.

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