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Thursday, January 27, 2005


Living in a houseful of girls, there's a lot of hair around. The vacuum cleaner beater/roller thing is constantly in need of detangling after every use having, as it does, great wads of hair wrapped around and around it. (One trick I've had to learn in carpet cleaning is to scuffle backwards in my rubber-soled shoes, which invariably rolls up a big spliff of hair that had gotten trapped down in the nap of the carpet.)

Great wafting balls of hair sometimes billow across the bathroom floor like pint-sized tumbleweeds. Every brush contains a pillow-full of hair. All different lengths, all different colors, all different textures. I have joked with Reba that she'd never be able to tell if I had another woman stashed away on the side, because there'd be no way to pick out one unfamiliar hair out of all the other ones attached to me. It's like looking for hay in a haystack. (By the way, she's not worried at all about such a highly unlikely event, as I am too busy VACUUMING THE FLOOR in my free time.)

Anyway, I was sitting here a moment ago with my hand on my leg, and felt a tell-tale tickle on the back of my hand. A hair, of course. I waved my hand and was going to flick it off (the hair, not my hand) when I realised it was stuck to my clothes. I pulled, and finally it came free. A foot and three inches, dark blonde, and it had gotten stuck in the zipper of my pants!

I hope I was the only one who noticed it. Some people might think I've been doing something other than vacuuming.

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