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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

From the "Searching for the Real Killers" File: O.J. to cheer for Trojans at Orange Bowl

The Associated Press

MIAMI (AP) — To O.J. Simpson, the lure of seeing his alma mater play so close to home in this Orange Bowl was impossible to turn down.

"I'll be in the stands cheering as loud as anybody for USC," Simpson told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Monday.

"I can't wait. I always follow SC — always have, always will," he said.

Simpson said he hasn't seen the Trojans play in person for about 10 years, though he has watched most of their games on television during that time.

But he lives only 30 miles or so southwest of Pro Player Stadium, so he's set to be there Tuesday night when No. 1 Southern California takes on No. 2 Oklahoma for the national title.

His attorney, Yale Galanter, monitored the telephone call and wouldn't allow Simpson to say where he'll be sitting inside the stadium. [...]

Yep, just a perfectly normal, everyday, attorney-monitored telephone call. And just exactly how culturally tone-deaf do you have to be have to be reined in by your attorney so that you--a man who was adjudged to be civilly liable in the death of your wife and an innocent bystander, and whose trial defined the term "circus"--don't say where you'll be sitting in the stadium?

"I'm fine, the kids are happy, that makes me happy," he said. "They're doing terrific. My daughter's in college now, my son is in school here."

His daughter, Sydney, is 19; his son, Justin, 16. He said his son couldn't go to the Orange Bowl because he's playing in a basketball game Tuesday night.

Which sorta makes you wonder why he's not watching his kid play basketball instead. But hey, that's just me.

Simpson did not attend any of the Trojans' practices. Two years ago, he dropped by a USC workout before the Orange Bowl against Iowa and was warmly received by players — but the school later was criticized for the appropriateness of the visit.

Imagine that.

Simpson said he was surprised USC was favored in this game because the Sooners have more experience. Yet he thought a freshman, Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson, could make a huge difference.

"He's the one player who's probably going to have the greatest impact on the game," Simpson said. "You can be in the perfect defense and it doesn't matter, he'll make an adjustment, he'll make a move and he'll score. He's the type of athlete that you can't defend. He scares me to death."

So to speak.

Simpson declined to make a prediction on who will win.

"To me, it's a tossup," he said.

Ron Goldman, Nicole Simpson, likewise offered no predictions for the outcome of the game.

UPDATE: Doc Joyner got up a bit earlier this morning than I did, and has some comments as well.

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