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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Feta Complis

Which has raised (or lowered) the bar for punnery on Possumblog to heights (or depths) heretofore thought impossible to achieve. Well done, Skinnydan!

IN ANY EVENT, the little tray of appetizers went to school yesterday. But not without first being mauled by Oldest. Reba told me that as they were getting ready to leave yesterday, SOMEone thought she should put the tray in one of the still-not-put-away gift bags we still have cluttering the house.

Reba told this person that the tray was too big to go in the bag, but since parents are so clueless, an attempt was made to shove the tray into the bag anyway. (By the way, the tray in question was an Hefty brand aluminum foil cake pan with a plastic cover I also got at the grocery store when I got the other stuff.) Anyway, as you can guess, the effort to place the tray in the too-small bag resulted, somehow, in the tray being dropped. Seeing as how the bits of cheese and vegetation were simply placed loosely in the cups and not affixed with epoxy, all of the phylo cups, and all of the contents scattered into the pan. Thank heavens the lid stayed on.

Reba fixed them all back as best she could, although since SOMEone got in the car and insisted on holding the tray crooked, the short ride to school resulted in yet more carnage to the contents of the tray. Reba told her just to fix it when she had a place to lay them flat.

As for the eating of them, Ashley apparently did a good enough job of warning her classmates that they were a highly sophisticated nosh, and should not be eaten if anyone didn't like peppers or olives or cheese. This must have worked, because only about half of the kids tried them, but the ones who did were universal in their praise of the item. She said a couple of kids even got several. AND there were enough left over for some of the teachers, again all of whom were quite impressed with this slapdash effort.

I'm sure the attention and compliments made Oldest feel a twinge of pride at having such a cosmopolitan father/chef.

As for the actual presentation, they didn't get to do it yesterday due to the time spent sampling the food that everyone else brought.

She managed to get home with two ragged phylo cups more-or-less intact, although with their contents arrayed artfully all over the tray bottom. "Here, Dad--I saved one for you and for Mom." Aww. Since Reba was at school, I went ahead and sampled hers as well, after reassembling the pieces.

And the taste? Eh. The phylo was pretty stale by the time it got to me; stale, yet mushy. The cheese and olive and pepper was good, though. But then again, it's hard to go wrong with that. Even if you do use old cheese.

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