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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Dumb old technology

Part of the reason for the relative lack of posting today has been the stupid, STUPID Blogger machine, which apparently decided that today was some sort of holiday to be celebrated with frequently recurring outages. ::sigh:: At least it's free.

And then there were the dumb ol' copiers. I've been trying to get some copying done for the Great Biweekly Thursday Mailout. We have two nice digital copiers that sort and staple and make julienne fries, but it seems the littler one outside my office was out of staples. And was making big black smears at the bottom of the page. The staples were no problem--after I wrestled them away from the secretary, they popped right in. The black line is another problem. The preferred solution, according to the little line drawing on the cover, is to wipe the small side glass with a dampened cloth. A wet paper towel, which I thought would be a reasonable fascimile thereof, wasn't. Still a big smear of black at the bottom. But, it would staple.

The other, bigger, high volume copier was also out of staples. And there are none to be found. However, it doesn't leave the black smear. So, I copied everything on that one, and then had to staple everything myself. Such agony and suffering!

Anyway, all this electrical stuff is just silly, and it's interfering with blogging.


See you all tomorrow.

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