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Friday, January 21, 2005

As I do every so often on slow news days...

it's once again time for Ask That Guy a Question!

First person to submit a question in the comments below will receive a genuine answer*!



DESPITE the fact that both stupid, STUPID HaloScan and stupid, STUPID Blogger are acting up, we DO have a winner. Frequent commentor Tom Jackson (possibly relative of Stonewall?) asks below: "Who was the better inventor: John Moses Browning or Hiram Percy Maxim?"

I suppose it comes down to a definition of "better"--Maxim's experimental capriciousness led him not only to invent the modern machine gun, but also a host of other stuff like a steam-powered airplane and pre-Edison electrical lighting systems. Browning was more focused on firearms development, his most enduring and beloved being the Colt M-1911, still turned out today by several companies in more or less the original form and function. I'm not sure I'd be willing to say one man is better than another, only that I'm glad they're both Americans.

*Disclaimer: Management makes no claims of veracity of answer provided. Void where prohibited.

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