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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Am Our Childrens Lerning, Part Deux

Walked in to the kitchen last night to see that there was the usual mass pandemonium associated with Wednesday night--kids eating and doing homework, Reba cooking and trying to find her class book, the television blaring. Ahh, home. Anyway, I grabbed a couple of handfuls of wife and before I could even get the mail read, Boy proudly piped up that everyone really liked his soldier drawing in class. "And I told my teacher that they didn't really wear hundred and twenty pound packs [hmm--it grew five pounds!] and that they didn't put their pants on while they were wet!"

"And she said?"

"Well, she asked me why I said that, and I told her that my dad had told me it wasn't right."

"And she said?"

"Well, she asked me if you had looked at the textbook, and I said no, that you used to do Revolutionary War stuff."

"And she said?"

"Nothing--we just went on with the rest of the presentations."

"TEXTBOOK!?" In a fit of hubris, I loudly proclaimed my ability to write my OWN textbook and said, "Buddy, you be SURE to bring me that textbook!"

For the record: No, I did not look at the textbook. In the recent past, however, I have written a 26-page paper to submit to the Brigade of the American Revolution, documenting the historical precedent for the choice of clothing worn by the reenacting group I helped start. (If you want to read it, send me an e-mail and I'll send you a copy.)

I know Teacher wasn't trying to be snooty or anything; she's a very nice lady and thinks highly of Jonathan. But it beggars belief that anyone who is supposed to be instilling critical thinking skills in young minds would be so VERY trusting of information so VERY dubious in nature, simply because it had been printed in a textbook.

I sure hope he remembers to bring home that textbook.

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