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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Well, no.

I mean, it’s 9:00 and I haven’t posted anything, so obviously something is amiss.

Got all dressed this morning despite not wanting to. Long night, as Reba was sick with some sort of gut inconvenience and a backache, so neither one of us were particularly perky. Actually, it was more like she was exhausted.

Anyway, got up I did, showered, rousted the children, fussed to get them dressed, got Cat up and sent her to go to the bathroom, got the mail together, found my coat, made another pass to get everyone motivated to get out the door, and returned to hear Catherine quietly crying. Seems her tummy was doing backflips as well. ::sigh:: Went and did some more fixing and doing and then heard her crying. Walked back into the bathroom, and the evil bug in her alimentary system had decided to make itself known at both ends.


Thankfully, half of it had a place to go other than the floor. However, the rest wound up on her new pajamas and in the floor. “I-I-I lovvvvved these pajaAHHHHURGGGGG ::sob::choke::”

What a mess.

Well, I’m not going in to work today, it’s pretty obvious. I managed to clean up the floor a bit--with the last bit of toilet paper we had in the whole house. I got her clothes off without messing her up any more than necessary and threw them in the washer and threw her in the shower and hosed her off. Got her to dry off, and then made sure everyone was securely fastened and then made a quick run to drop off the utility bill and stuff the mail in the post office and then to the grocery store to get soup and Sprite and PowerAde and a People magazine and crackers and toilet paper. 24 double rolls. On sale.

So, for the rest of the day I will be fulfilling my nursing duties, and you folks are just going to have to wait another day for some possumy goodness. So very sorry, but you know, real life and all.

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