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Thursday, December 02, 2004



Whatever that means.

Could be that it's time again for the Thursday Three, in which we ask readers to answer three questions about themselves or about life in general, but not at all like the Friday Five, which is just SO played out.

This week's installment is short and sweet, but of vital importance--

1) Who do you think is the country's best football team?
2) Who do you think will win the SEC championship between Auburn and Tennessee?
3) What position did you play in school?

Okay, as always, the competition is open to all (and it's not really a competition)--leave your answers in the comments below if you are blogless, or leave a link to your blog if you have one. AND remember, even if you don't care or never played any position, WE don't KNOW that. Just make up a pretty good story, and it'll be fine.

SO, Number One is Southern Cal. I hate to admit it but they're pretty danged good and deserve to be Number One until they are CRUSHED by Auburn in my imaginary Orange Bowl matchup.

Number Two--gotta give this one to Auburn, despite the proclivity of a very-nearly-beaten-by-KENTUCKY Tennessee team to continue to spout off trash talk in the press. Should be a good game, although once we win, everyone will be saying that Tennessee wasn't any good to begin with. Except, of course, for their players, who will maintain that Auburn isn't any good.

Number Three--right offensive guard and right defensive tackle.

Why so short and sweet today? Stinking paying work that must be done. Will check back in a bit with an interesting Food World story, and a mild fisking of a snot-nosed British auto writer.

SO, there you go!

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