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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Stories from Your Friendly Neighborhood Food World

I stopped down at the foot of the hill this morning to pick up a meaty breakfast snack and a cold, refreshing Diet Coke from the grocery store, and as I was paying for my victuals I noticed the screen at the cash register flashed something odd-looking. After I got my receipt and walked out, I glanced down at it, and sure enough, at the very bottom:

TOM LANDRY 205-655-[xxxx]"

I wonder if he ever gets tired of the comparisons to America's Coach? Nah, surely not.

Second, as I got back into my car, I noticed a lady getting into a spiffy new Asian-made mini-SUV parked directly in front of mine. She was just a normal woman on her way to work, but what was of greatest interest to me was what was attached to the front license plate holder. A personalized tag of sorts, with the black silhouette of a dog standing on his hind legs with his forepaws on a tree. Tastefully written across the twilight-blue background was the inscription, "Coon Hunter's Wife."

I love my hometown.

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