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Friday, December 10, 2004

Speaking of band...

We had the Christmas band concert to attend last night. ALLLL the bands played--middle and high school, and we didn't get home until after nine o'clock. The performances were very good, but the seating was severely limited, and hot. Meaning there was a stack of people waiting for a seat after every group got finished, and so there was a constant churn of audience members coming and going and scrabbling over seats. As one person would get up, someone else would jump for their seat.

We had to wait for about three bathroom trips by Cat before anything ever opened up, but our patience was eventually rewarded with a whole row of seven chairs. Listened to the rest of the 8th grade band's performance, and then what I thought was the best part of the show. They had the percussion group from the high school come out. Let me tell you, these kids are impressive as all get out. They have just the right amount of swagger, of looseness and precision. Incredible performance by the whole crew. The remainder of the various groups that came afterwards did well, too, but it's hard to overcome the effect of all that percussive savagery.

Home then, where I had to type up Rebecca's "research" paper, as well as try to get all the rest of the kids to go get cleaned up and go to bed. Part of this included five practice renditions of "Danny Boy" with Catherine.

It was very late--or early--when I finally went to bed.

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