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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Why, yes there was! Thank you for asking!

A nice little get-together for the folks in Trussville who serve on the various city boards and agencies. This was the first year I had gotten to go--last year someone in the family was sick or there was soccer or something.

It was down at the foot of the hill at Joel’s, a meat ‘n’ three that’s been in business for about twenty years. Mostly they just open for lunch, but they do special events like this, too. Here is a glowing review of it from Jerry Smith, the Grouchy Glutton at the St. Clair County.com website (sorry, Google cache version only thing available), who gives it his highest rating. His comments pretty much match my own as far as quality. Especially of the wait staff--although I am not old enough to be their grandfather as is Mr. Smith--only their lecherous older uncle.

It was very collegial, about like a church supper, with lots of back slapping and catching up on everyone’s grandkids. Miss Reba (dressed in a short black velvet dress, by the way, that I enjoyed rubbing on immensely) and I were just about the youngest folks there, being about a third less experienced than everyone else. Most everyone there had lived in Trussville even longer than we had been alive, but despite knowing only about four people there and being relative newcomers to town, we had a very nice time. Reba and I sat across from a couple the male half of whom is now on the school board, but who had been on the city council and had been the mayor in years past.

As you can imagine, he has some stories.

As for the eats, Reba and I both had the roast beast, and I had green beans and fried okra. The green beans were the best I have ever eaten; the kind of green beans you could make a whole meal out of. The meat and okra were good, too, but the beans had just the right amount of flavoring and cooking. I’m getting hungry just thinking about them, and it’s not even 10 o’clock yet.

Sadly, we had to make an early exit around 8 to go get the kids and get them cleaned up and in the bed, so I don’t know if Santa came and passed out gifts or not.

I live in a nice town.

(By the way, here are some more articles by Mr. Smith.)

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