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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Observations at the Food Court

I had to go back to the AmSouth Harbert building for lunch today to get a booster shot of hot and sour soup. The cold is doing much better, thank you. The intense fatigue left quickly, but I am still having a good bit of congestion, despite my constant use of the two neti pots that Jordana sent me.

Anyway, the soup and the kung pao chicken were both nice and spicy. Sadly, I had already ordered when I noticed that Golden Rule Barbecue had opened up. Mmmm. Barbecue. I'm still a bit dubious that it will be as good as sitting down at one of the sticky tables and seeing guys sweat and labor over an open pit--they bring the barbecue over to the restaurant after it's been cooked at the real restaurant. Still, I'd like to try it and find out for sure. Maybe tomorrow.

The whole atmosphere seemed a bit odd, too. AmSouth-Harbert tries to be all hoity-toity, and yesterday they had a guy playing a piano in the atrium, and today they had a lady playing the harp. You might be surprised to learn that female harp players are offended if someone calls them a harpy. I know I was. (Not really.)

Fortune Cookie Wisdom of the Day:

"The power you desire lives within your heart."

Who knew that the desire to be Earth's supreme leader could be found in such a unlikely organ?!

And then--

"Good humor is the health of the soul, sadness it's [sic] poison."

Mmmmm. Ice cream!

Anyway, that's about it.

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