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Thursday, December 09, 2004

A Mind is a Terrible Thing.

So, that makes this The Terrible Thing Edition of the equally terrible Axis of Weevil Thursday Three!

Yes, like a bad case of malaria, the Thursday Three has once again reared its head to amuse and befuddle all who come in contact with it.

The inspiration for this week’s quiz comes via this blog entry, containing as it does a lurid slurry of visions of egg-sucking dogs and moaning and subconscious id/ego conflict and most startling of all, real estate agents! Yikes.

It got me to thinking that the lump of dough between our ears is pretty odd. In other words, perfect for the Thursday Three! SO, this week we shall delve into the innermost workings of your fetid minds to dredge up some interesting stuff that you may post on your blog, or tell your therapist. As you all should be aware of by now, no matter who you are or where you are incarcerated, you are welcome to play by leaving your answers in the comments below, or a link to your own blog.

NOW THEN, the questions--

1) What was the most fun dream you have ever had? (In order to make this less interesting, try to make do with remembrances that did not involve anything that might turn up on a Paris Hilton video.)

2) What is the most frightening dream you have ever had?

Now then, for #3, we’re going to have a blogger’s choice. You can answer one or the other, or both if you choose. Answering both, however, will make this a Thursday Four, which has much less alliterative appeal. Anyway:

3a) Have you ever dreamed about another blogger?


3b) What is the most common recurring dream you have?

Now then, put on your dreaming caps and come up with your answers! AS FOR MINE…

Number One. I may be violating my own guideline, but it remains the most entertaining dream I have ever had. It was around the first week in August of 1991. I remember the time so distinctly because it wasn’t long before Reba and I were to be married.

I remember that it was a gorgeous early morning, with a bright clear blue sky and sunlight streaming across the front yard of my mom’s house. The grass looked like the Augusta National golf course and it had just a hint of dew on it. I had a feeling of intense joy and lightness, and found myself sitting on a high chair, something like a lifeguard’s chair, over to one side of the yard. Quite naked, as it turned out, but I didn’t care. In a moment, the whole yard was full of fresh-faced young ladies in white cheerleader outfits, tumbling and cheering and jumping and having just a wonderful time leaping and gamboling on the lovely green lawn and around my high perch. I just sat there and enjoyed the show, and then applauded their efforts. They waved and then ran off to the backyard. It was such a ridiculously fun dream, and I woke up feeling incredible. That one is unique. Never had a single recurrence of it, despite my constant efforts.

Number Two--I try to block those out, but I do remember several in which terrible harm came to one or more of my kids. For some reason, I have never had such a dream about Reba--I assume because I think she can take care of herself. Oh, and I did get hit by a car in one.

Number Three A-- I think everyone has dreamed of having James Lileks over to their house.

Three B? My most common recurring dream is being back at college--but not at Auburn--it’s always just some sort of generic institution of higher learning. And I’m either trying to find a particular dorm, or a classroom. The town is always weird, too--it never looks like anyplace I’ve been, but like places I’ve seen. The town, or towns, reminds me of some upper-Midwest mill town.

Another one I used to have all the time would be where I would wake up and remember that I had been calculating a huge string of numbers, or that I had been dictating a long technical journal that I had written about some arcane subject. Haven’t had that one in a while.

Another I have on occasion is when I am arguing with someone to do something, and it’s something that HAS to be done right then, and they are acting like I’m not even around, and even when I start pounding on the person with my fists, they just ignore me and I wake up exhausted and angry.

Gosh, I hope that doesn’t come across on Possumblog!

So, there you go.

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