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Monday, December 06, 2004

It is only in the most bizarro of bizarro worlds…

…that perennial second-fiddle, black sheep, ugly redheaded stepchild, bridesmaid-never-a-bride Auburn U. could win an unprecedented 12 regular season football victories without a loss, win the Southeastern Conference championship, be chosen to appear in the Sugar Bowl, and yet be disappointed. ::sigh::

Oh, well. Such is life.

In brighter news, and speaking of redheads, I found out our local post office has taken to hiring statuesque, copper-haired Amazons to staff the front counter, which was a very nice thing to find out. I might have to go mail something every day. Christmas parade? Oh, and how! We must have scored ten pounds of candy--it helps to be at the front of the parade route. Sadly, I got no gaudy plastic beads, despite continually raising my shirt. Go figure. Other stuff? Oh, you bet, but I have some work to get done this morning, so you’ll have to wait a while to find out.

And speaking of football, one surprise was an archaeological artifact I unearthed whilst cleaning the bedroom this weekend. Under the bed was a stack of photos I had gained access to about ten years ago, when I had gone to an event at my old elementary/high school. The place was shutting down, so it was clearance time for old stuff that former students might want to have as keepsakes. Included in the stash was a pile of old class photos and yearbook snapshots. I snagged a few that had me in them, including this one of wooly-haired me, circa 1977.

Ahhhh, football.

Anyway, see you all in just a while.

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