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Thursday, December 30, 2004

I think I could get used to a two-day work week.

Of course, it's not that economical for taxpayers, and it is terrible for building readership of furry old Possumblog, but it sure does leave you lots of time to do other things.

Assuming that you use those two days to actually DO SOME WORK.

I have to take a moment here and do just that, because not only is this a two-day work week, it is an ABBREVIATED two-day work week. I have to take Jonathan to the orthodontist this afternoon, so I have to get this clot of icky work done or else it will just spill over to Monday. And we CANNOT let that happen.

I will be posting semi-periodically up until around 2:00, then out to the picket-fence perfection of Trussville for an hour or so, then possibly back again this afternoon after dumping Boy back at Grandma's house. Or I might just go on home. Depends on IF I GET MY STINKIN' WORK DONE.

Which I need to do now.


Okay, gonna start...NOW.

Well, when I finish clicking the POST button.

Which is right NOW.

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