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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Hey, look! I DID make it back!

Actually, I've been here for an hour now, but I laid low and stayed away from the carnival rides so I could get the rest of my work done. Which it is! Hooray!

Boy is with me also--say hello, Boy: "Hello."

His visit went fine. His doctor is always cutting up and shooting the kids a pretty constant line of BS. We were getting up to leave when one wire-toothed girl came in clutching a ratty spiral-bound notebook and a pencil. "What you got there!? Doing schoolwork? Writing a play?" She grinned and told him she was writing an e-mail.

He and I both had the same look of perplexity on our faces, but luckily I was able to beat him to the corny punchline. "Yeah, Doc--that's one of those notebook computers."

Man, I crack me up.

Anyway, Boy got his mouth worked on some and got his wooden token for wearing his frog tee-shirt, and since we got here he has been quietly drawing all over everything in the office. He grabbed the markers and a long skinny piece of foamcore board and drew a broom so he could pretend to be Harry Potter, and is now in the process of drawing a treasure map. How's it going, Bud?


As for the work on developing some kosher ham and hog jowls for the New Year's feasting, I must confess that this has turned out to be a bit harder than anticipated. Work continues apace.

Hey, did I mention that I've been doing this same sort of crap now for over three years? Thursday, December 20, 2001, Possumblog hit the ether and created such a stir and hue and cry and provocation that at least two people actually were agitated enough to yawn. And now, 4,813 posts and 1,368,333 words later (according to Blogger--so take it with a grain of salt), Possumblog soldiers on into its fourth year full of the same inanity and flaccid prose that has been its hallmark lo these many months. Twenty-aught-five promises much of the same for you loyal readers. The disloyal amongst you are on your own.

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