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Friday, December 10, 2004

FoodSource Lure staying current with city offices, specialty products

News staff writer

A fishing lure technology born at Auburn University has spawned a young company that is expanding to Birmingham.

FoodSource Lure Corp. is moving its offices and production and distribution operations from Eufaula and other parts of Alabama to a facility at the Avondale Business Park.

The company molds fishing lures from the slurry of real foods rather than plastics. It's a technology that originated at Auburn, which owns stock and gets a royalty from sales. [...]

In reference to my earlier post, this is the type of economic development that pays much greater civic dividends than any sort of porkbarrel boondoggle. No, it's not sexy like an electric trolley (as if that's really sexy) and it has to do with manufacturing instead of the darling of the social engineers, the service industry, the best type of which serve $8 cups of coffee-flavored water to people who wear hemp sandals and read alt-weeklies and dismissivily speak of "fly-over country" even though they live in fly-over country.

But manufacturing is a necessity for an economy to be able to thrive, and small joints like this one that produce a clean, clever, popular product are a great addition to a city or region.

And you gotta admit, making artificial lures that are edible is pretty slick.

"We have been selling them for less than a year, but demand continues to grow, so we had to find more space to handle our operations," said Rogers, president of FoodSource.

The company is setting up its operation in 7,000 square feet of the 15,000-square-foot building at 201 39th Street North. It has ordered 15 casting machines and molds to begin producing the rubber-like food lures.

`My poster child':

From the facility, it will ship lures to customers across the United States, including sporting equipment catalog sales giant Cabela's. The company already is shipping lures to foreign destinations, including Australia, Spain, South Africa and South Korea. [...]

I forgot to mention that it's hard to balance a foreign trade deficit with service industries.

The company will likely have 10 employees after it sets up operations. It hopes to grow to 25 in 2006 and add more workers as necessary.

Going big-time:

Part of that growth hinges on getting its products into big retailers such as Bass Pro Shops and Wal-Mart. Rogers said that is a goal.

Growth could also come through expanding into other products. In the works are lures geared toward more species of fish, hard lures filled with the company's patented scents and flavors, coatings for fish pellets and foods and coatings for medicines for animals.

Rogers said the fishing industry is moving towards environment-friendly products as it looks for alternatives to plastics.

"Fisherman are conservationists by nature. What could be more environmentally friendly than a lure made out of fish food?" he asked, after having popped a FoodSource lure into his mouth. [...]

Okay, well, it's a slick idea, but I don't think I want to try any of them. Unless they have barbecue flavor.

Anyway, good for them, and good for Auburn, as well.

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