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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Expert Advice Given

Once more, an intrepid reader has discovered Possumblog through the miracle of the Internet, and found, I am certain, a vast font of knowledge greater in impact than even the ancient Library of Alexandria. Our querist today comes to us from that nice Jeeves fellow, and asks: Why does my Yorkie have stinky ears.

Due to my long-time friendship with the Grouchy Old Yorkie Lady, I have been able to absorb huge amounts of information about the perky and feisty Yorkshire Terrier.

This is a common problem with Yorkies, mainly due to their long and silky hair. It is quite obvious that in all the mass of fur, our guest has mistaken one end of his or her dog for the other.

AS ALWAYS, Possumblog stands ready to dispense the wisdom of the ages and answer all of life's little questions.

You are welcome.

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