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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The End of an Era--The LAST INSTALLMENT of Interesting Alabama Place Names!

Yes, we have finally reached the end of the alphabet with today's selection of interesting place names gleaned from the back of the Official State of Alabama Highway Map, 1995/96 Edition. Before we get on to W, Y, & Z, I did want to point out that there is no X. Anywhere. No Xaviers, no Xanadus, no Xmas, no Xinhua. I believe this lack of X names creates a tremendous opportunity for any of you forward-thinking sorts of folks out there--think of the great riches that could be yours if you incorporated a town and gave it a name beginning with X! People just LOVE uniqueness, and with the only Xtown in the state, you certainly would be unique, and people would flock to spend money in your town! Well, anyway, think about it.

SO, on to the show: First up, in case any of you still care where he is, there is Waldo, located in Talladega County. I don't think they were ever able to parley their good fortune at having the same name as the other Waldo into anything that paid anything. Nor did the idea for bringing in a bargain retailer known as WaldoMart. ANYway, next there's Warsaw, Waterloo, Wedowee, Weogufka, Weoka, Wetumpka, Wing, Yantley, Yarbo, and to wrap it all up, Zimco and Zip City. Possibly the most famous attraction in Zip City is the Zip City Auction Company.

And so, having exhausted interesting things A-Z, it is with a heavy heart that this feature of Possumblog now draws to a close. However, I am looking into the possibility of listing Uninteresting Alabama Place Names.

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