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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Department of Homeland Security OK'd

Nope, not the one you might think:

News staff writer
The Hoover City Council voted Monday to establish a Department of Homeland Security and Immigration, despite objections of residents and two councilors.

Councilman Mike Natter and Councilwoman Mari Morrison voted against the proposal by Mayor Tony Petelos, who says the department will improve communication between the city and state and federal authorities. [...]

Okay, I have long said that my biggest beef with the US Department of Homeland Security is the stupid name "Homeland." "Domestic," "national"--ANYthing but Homeland. It just sounds too Soviet.

IN any event, regardless of the name, the idea is probably okay. On a national level. (Aside from the fact that it creates yet another mindless bureaucracy.) But for a city to start up its own Homeland Security Department sounds just a little too much like something from the Simpsons.

The idea that you need a whole department to "improve communication between the city and state and federal authorities" is beyond silly. If the mayor needs it, let him appoint a Public Safety director who is over the police and fire department and coordinates emergency management. And runs the MONORAIL!

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