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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Continuation of Yet More Sleep-Inducing Tales from the Weekend!

This is gonna have to do you until later on in the day tomorrow--I’ve got my bimonthly exercise in being a mindless regulatory drone, so nothing much until later in the day.

ANYway, as we go backwards in time to Saturday [insert wavy, going-back-in-time visual effect] all the girls finally got home. They had managed to go all over the county and finally wound up spending actual money on a dress for Oldest that they found over at the Parisian at the Summit. ::sigh:: Thankfully, it does look nice, and is both attractive and modest. Trust me, this is VERY hard to find. Apparently such an attractive and modest outfit required shoes. I have been told that all of this stuff was on sale, thus saving me great wads of cash.

I am dubious.

Got the kids fed, scrubbed and bedded, and then it was time to get right back up and go to church Sunday. Good sermon, aside from constantly having to poke a certain someone who had exhausted herself during the trip to the emergency room. I would almost be sympathetic, except she seems so put out that anyone would DARE try to keep her awake. We sit on the fifth row back, and I KNOW it has to be distracting for the preacher to see her nodding. Or acting like a turd when Mom or Dad elbows her to wake up. ::sigh:: Anyway.

Also went and got a substitute for leading singing that evening. Remember my cold? It’s gone. It was replaced by the plague or something. My lungs and Eustachian tubes are filled with something the consistency of 5-minute epoxy in about its third minute of curing time. Hard to sing when you can breathe or hear yourself.

After that, we left Oldest at the building so she could work on her debate stuff (she’s great at disagreeing, horrible at logic--I doubt this will be beneficial to her) and the rest of us went on toward the house. Stopped for lunch at Applebee’s and told them in NO uncertain terms that I didn’t want to have to navigate one of those stupid high round tables with creaky swivel chairs. Was seated at a regular table with a chair set at the end. I had kind of figured that might be one of the kid’s seats, but they all made a dash for the other chairs, perhaps anticipating being able to sit on one of the many sides of Mommy. No one ever fights to sit by me. ::sniffle:: As it turned out, they took all the chairs and Mom wound up on the aisle.

Food, served with all deliberate speed, pay, leave, home, and then time to take Rebecca to go do some Christmas shopping for her siblings. We stopped by Wal-Mart and found most of the stuff, and then headed out over to Sam’s to use some of our newfound wholesale purchasing power, then BACK to Wal-Mart to see if I could find something else, and then back to the house to unload and reload with Miss Reba and kids and head back to church for the evening bout of keeping someone awake. Brief meeting afterwards, then time to head home for good.

And go to bed.

In total, a very busy weekend, and not one I am that ready to redo anytime soon.

And tonight? Well, I have some more typing work to do for someone named Rebecca who has some science work to turn in tomorrow.

OH, and Catherine and I made our soda bread last night! How could I forget? She got to help me measure and stir and pat out one into a pan, but it was so late that she didn’t get to see the finished result until this morning. She was very impressed. It tasted pretty good, but it’s not quite like cornbread or biscuits.

ANYway, that’s about it for now. See all of you later on tomorrow!

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