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Monday, December 13, 2004


The original plan for Saturday had been for Mom to take Ashley to try to find a dress for school. She’s decided she wanted to try out in some pageant or other, and needed something glamorous. Being that she lives under my roof, however, this glamour was going to have to be gotten second-hand, so the plan was for them to hit the consignment shops. My task for the day was going to be exploring various hardware stores to start getting stuff together to repair the powder room floor downstairs. Yes, I still haven’t fixed that. I’VE BEEN BUSY!

OH, and Friday the folks from Sam’s had come by Reba’s new place of employment, and I got her to sign up for a card so we could buy cheap gasoline, and soap by the forklift pallet. So, we had to go get our pictures made for that, too. OH, and in the mail Friday, Reba’s paycheck from her former place of employment had come in, so we needed to go to the bank. OH, but this was before we had scattered our children and one set of our wheels to the winds, so before ANY of that other stuff, we had to go get the van and the children.

Up very early Saturday, because of the odd circumstance that causes Reba to choose this one day of the week to get up out of bed at the crack of dawn without being prompted. Or dragged out from under the covers. I woke up and my eyes felt like they had asphalt shingles stapled to them. And then there was the fatigue from being up the evening before and not being able to get any sleep because of the Taco Bell “food” ripping its way through my alimentary canal.

I looked like this guy.

We finally got out of the house around 11, went and got the kids and the van, and set off--Mom with the two older girls, me with Boy and Tiny Terror. First stop, the infamous Credit Union Service Center, where Reba was given grief by the teller because the teller had never seen a paycheck from Reba’s former employer. “HEY! WHO THIS IS?!” the teller screamed at her manager, who yelled back after looking at it that it was okay. Wow. What a relief.

Next stop, down Old Springville Road and then up Chalkville Road to the sparkling new Sam’s Club. Went in, got our cards, and decided to shop a bit. Bought a pallet of soap, a bucket of Motrin, and a couple of other things. I had wanted to look at some of the electronics, but due to my fatigue-induced short fuze, I just got frustrated with having to maneuver the shopping cart AND the kids through the store, so we left. Don’t worry, though, I went back Sunday!

After that, filled up with cheap gas in the van and the car, and in the process saved approximately $1.16 total over buying it at RaceTrac ($1.749 vs. $1.789). With that sort of savings, it should only be approximately 30 fill-ups before we make our money back on the card!

LUNCHTIME, and I allowed Reba and the girls to pick the restaurant, and I followed along behind as they drove. They turned at the service road leading to one of two places to eat--either Waffle House or Pizza Hut.

As fate would have it, they pulled into Pizza Hut. ::sigh::

The one in Trussville always seems as though you stick to everything. It’s never really clean-looking, although I guess it probably might be. (Ignoring the bits of paper and food on the carpet. And tables. And chairs. And counters. And ceilings.) And the “service” is a joke. Oh well.

We got our food and the kids ate with great gusto.

Paid, and then it was finally time to make our split from each other. I kissed the girls and sent them on their way, and then the other, tiniest girl and the only boy hopped in the car with me for a magical trip to the fascinating hardware store.

On to Home Depot! With inquisitive children! And me with no patience! And full of pizza!

First was to try to find something to fix the broken floor hub. Not having a real good idea of how to do this, I found a couple of things that might do it. One was a 1/2 inch plastic spacer, the other a metal mending plate. (Long after I got home and actually remembered how everything worked, I figured out the mending plate is probably the way to go.) Also picked up a waxless gasket, and some light bulbs--little candelabra bulbs for the front porch, and some big round knockers for the light fixture over our bathroom sink.

All the while as I was trying to figure this stuff out, Catherine busied herself with attempting to brain her brother with various lengths of cast iron pipe.

Also looked for some replacement flooring--5/16” Bruce, of some odd and cheap variety known only to housebuilders, it turns out. They didn’t have any. ::sigh::

Paid, and then went back down toward the auto parts place to buy some goo-in-a-can to have just in case the tires go flat again, the BACK up the other way to go visit one of the flooring places who ALSO didn’t have what I needed, then home.

Where I went about changing the front light bulb, and noticed that the photocell in the sockets were corroded beyond belief. SO, I gathered the kids BACK up and headed back down the hill to Marvin’s to pick up some new photocells.

Whereupon a certain tiny girl took this as an indication she should pester her brother with various electrical implements. Found some new sockets, paid, back to the house, they fit (whew) and then I went and looked at the bathroom. I quickly closed the door and started on some of the huge piles of laundry instead, and waited for the return of Miss Reba and her charges.

About which, you’ll have to hear tomorrow, today having exhausted itself in various non-blogging related way.

TOMORROW: More Going!

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