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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

You know, one of the things I have learned...

...in the past eight or nine years I have actively explored the Internet, is that there seems to be, for every sort of carnal proclivity, a ready market to tap into that obsession. Oh, it might be sensous photos of Patricia Heaton's clavicle, or naughty stories about Fabio's bunion, but usually if there's an itch, there seems to be a scratch. No matter how odd.

But then, I dipped into the ol' referrer log, and noted that I had a visitor drop by earlier, and I think I can safely say I might have finally found something unique.

Because, you see, in all my time online, I don't think I've ever run into anyone expressing a desire to see fat women in underwear chasing possums.

Not that I can say the thought of doing a couple of laps around the back yard with Delta Burke in a black leather teddy hot on my heels hasn't crossed my mind, but still, it's rather an odd thing to see out there in print.

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