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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

You know, for 40 bucks...

...I think I would be willing to gnaw my own B-flat clarinet out of an ebonywood tree trunk.

It wouldn't have been quite so bad, except it started out that it was going to be $12. Then when I called yesterday, ("Oh, no, sir--we'll have it back to her next Monday, unless you want to come get it...") it had somehow risen to $30.

And when I went in just now?


I did get a very firm noncommittal from the guy at the counter (not the repairman, who was off somewhere stealing other kids's tubas or flutes or oboes) that the next time the silly thing (the clarinet, not the repairman) needed to be treated to unobtanium inserts or whatever, that a) the band director would be informed by the repairman himself, so Oldest wouldn't get misdirected blame and bad mojo; b) that the repair time would be stated explicitly so everyone knows how long it's gonna take; and c) that a firm price be established prior to leaving with the instrument.

I could see these admonitions float clear from one side of the guy's head to the other, where they fell out of his earhole, off his shoulder, then into a small pile in the floor.

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