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Monday, August 09, 2004

Well, Good Morning, Students!


And so it begins again. This year is going to be a real contest--four kids, three different schools, and their drivers will be alternating who takes whom on any given day. Mondays--Mom takes older two girls to middle and high school, Dad takes younger two to elementary. Tuesdays and Thursdays--Mom leaves early for Shelby County, Dad takes all. First and Third Wednesdays--Same schedule as Mondays. Second and Fourth Wednesdays--Dad has early meeting in town, Mom takes all. Fridays--Mom leaves early for Blount County, but not as early as for Shelby--might be able to take older girls. Or not. In such case, schedule is same as Tuesdays and Thursdays. ::sigh::

Why not let them stand at the bus stop? Well, we're letting them ride the bus to Grandma's in the afternoons, but the morning stop, with all the standing around and potential for mischief, well, I just couldn't do that. Kids standing in the rain or cold in the morning is just sorta pitiful looking, and you never know what's going to happen without any adult supervision. (Then again, you never know WITH, so maybe we're not really helping things.)

Got to the school and for once got into the car line. The last few years we have been paying for early morning care, but I noticed that kids were being delivered almost at the same time as ours, so I figured why pay when you can wait a few extra minutes. Little did I know exactly how may extra minutes that would entail! I think I'm going to sneak them in the front door and let them walk back to the gym. Lot easier that way.

And then there was the nightmare getting out. The police weren't letting anyone turn right to go back toward the interstate. You had to turn left, which meant you had to either drive to 5 miles out of the way to and get on the interstate in Argo, or make a U-turn and get back in the string of traffic going toward the interstate that the police wouldn't let turn right in the first place. OR, you could dimly remember that there is a service road behind the Amerex plant, that bypasses all the traffic and dumps out back on the other side of the main entrance to the school. Heh. I may not be able to remember much anymore, but thankfully that one fell out of a crease at just the right time. Or I would have been an hour late instead of only twenty minutes.

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