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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Reading the Tea Leaves

Swing vote Smoot mum on today's tax vote

News staff writer

Commissioner Shelia Smoot said Monday she's still undecided how she'll vote today on a countywide 1 cent sales tax, after dozens of residents urged her to vote no at a meeting.

"I will go home, gather the information I've been racking my brain with and make the best decision I can Tuesday morning," said Smoot, likely the swing vote on the issue. "But I am not afraid to lead. Never have and never will be." [...]

For those who are keeping score at home, this means she's going to vote for the tax increase. There would be no reason for all of this falderol and the sham of seeking "public input" if she was actually going to vote against it. If Fearless Leader hadn't made up her mind by press time last night, the idea that somehow the voices of 75 concerned citizens from her district will have any overnight effect is laughable.

(And note again that the tax is referred to as a "1 cent" tax. One PERCENT, folks.)

Bend over, Jefferson County. And get ready for all sorts of shocking press stories of mismanagement and collusion in a couple of years when this money starts pouring out into folk's hind pockets, rather than to help The Children.

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