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Friday, August 13, 2004

It's downright chilly today!

Went out at lunch and the wind was blowing and it felt more like October than August. Which is fine by me, and it means we might even have chili for supper tonight! Mmmm. Chili.

Anyway, I'm going to call an early halt to the festivities for today--still have some stuff to get cleared away, and if I keep playing I'm not going to get it finished. Weekend? Well, yes, there is one coming up, now isn't there.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a big thing for the band boosters to do--Stadium Clean Up Day. They're going to muck out the concession stands and pick up trash in the stands and neaten and spruce and fix and do. Somehow, Miss Reba thinks that because Oldest is in the band that we are obligated to come help. ::sigh:: I would much prefer all of the band people to come and help shovel out our house. AND THEN, after that Reba wanted to take Ashley and Rebecca to see Princess Diaries 2, which, although it stars the lovely Anne Hathaway (not Jane) as well as the still lovely Julie Andrews, seems from the previews (and at least one critic) to be an awfully weak repeat of a not-that-strong original. In other words, wasted dough. ::sigh:: It's only money. I'm going to try and beg to stay home with Boy so we can cut grass and make rude noises.

Then, sometime tomorrow afternoon, my sister (up today from Mobile) and our group are going to take my mom out for a birthday supper. Her birthday's actually not till next week, but this was the only weekend my sis could get away. We'll probably wind up at the filthy, crowded, loud Golden Corral (that bell you hear is another heaping portion of germs being served!). My mom is turning 75 next week, which is a pretty good feat. She seems to be in good condition, but I truly think I could take her in a fair fight. She fights dirty, though, so I will never know for sure.

Sunday will be full of church things--looks like we're going to start expanding the building, and I have done my best to insinuate myself in the process.

For some reason.

I will claim insanity. Having had to sit across the table from them in the past, I can say for a certainty that church building committees are the handmaidens of Satan. But, you know, like Charlie Brown running up to kick the football that Lucy is holding, you figure this time the ball won't move. I sense an 'Aaargh' coming on.

ANYway, all of you have a good weekend, be sure and watch the women's freestyle wedgie competition at the Olympics (the Russkies are looking strong this year), and come back next week and we'll see what trouble we can get into.

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