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Monday, August 23, 2004

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Augustinian

Or, Art Linkletter Was Right.

One of the things I forgot all about a couple of weekends ago was something that came out of Jonathan's Sunday School class. I don't know how I could have forgotten it, nor why I suddenly remembered it, but no matter.

His teacher got Reba and I together before worship started and could barely keep from laughing out loud, but she said she had an even harder time in class. Seems they were studying about plants and such, and the profound pea-work of Gregor Mendel. She noted that Mendel was a monk, and asked the kids if anyone knew what a monk was. Jonathan's hand shot up in the air, so she called on him, not knowing, of course, that he spends WAY too much time watching all that stupid Japanese anime crap on television.

"Well, they're these guys..."


"And they live by themselves, way up in the mountains and stuff..."


"And they wear robes and live in something like a castle..."


"And they can fly and do karate."


How she managed to keep a straight face, I'll never know. And she managed to gently let him know that these were Catholic monks she was talking about, and they don't do stuff like that.


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