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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Conventional Wisdom

After supper last night, I settled in for a nice read with my new National Geographic (which, after 30 years of subscribing to, I must say I am increasingly becoming tired of) as I simultaneously watched the Republican convention on PBS. Interesting pageant--the idea of having the roll call throughout the convention is probably a pretty good idea. It keeps the monontony to a lower level, and the state delegations get a bit more attention each night, rather than getting lost in a string of mind-numbingly banal platitudes from the delegation leaders. You wonder how some of these people get elected. I wish they would just cut the run-on sentences about how THEY cured constipation AND how the Democrats in their state couldn't do it without giving everyone diarrhea, and just say something like, "I'm Rep. Joe Republican of the great State of Alabippi, and we pledge our 38 votes to George Bush, who isn't a whiney little baby. Or a trial lawyer." One consequence of the variety show aspect--speech, music, video, speech, ventriloquists--was that for all the non-speechy stuff, PBS would cut back to Jim Lehrer for some of the fast-paced [/sarcasm] commentary from the same group of heads that covered the Democratic convention. More of them is NOT necessary.

I tried and tried, but I was so tired it was all I could do to stay up long enough to catch anything but the first few minutes of John McCain's speech, which sounded good, at least the part I heard before dropping off. I really hate that I missed Giuliani's speech, but from all accounts it was really good, had a nice beat, and was easy to dance to.

I'm just glad they made sure to show the girls, who looked fantastic, by the way.

Tonight, we get Mrs. Bush and Mr. Schwarzenegger. Should be worth staying up for.

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