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Monday, August 09, 2004

A confession

I have on a nice oxford shirt with a white background, and tasteful stripes of medium blue, between each of which are three stripes of very light greige.

My tie has a very small pattern of squares on a lightish-medium blue background, with a tiny buff colored square dot on a navy blue square, that square connected to its brother squares with a fine network of medium blue lines.

This looked very neat and professional in the mirror inside the door of my armoire this morning when I put it on.

However, in the daylight, I look like a clown exploded on me.

Add to the effect that my kePOP shoe now does not need any provocation to kePOP. It does it EVERY time I take a step now, unless I hold my foot slightly out of kilter like I have a clubfoot.

All of this is galling to me in that I made Jonathan change his clothes the other day before he went shopping with his grandmother, because the green tee-shirt he had on was not the same hue as the green of his shorts.

There now. I feel better.

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