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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Am our children learning?

In the inevitable ream of papers the kids brought home to be signed yesterday, there was one interesting one that Oldest had. It was the sheet that says you have read and understood the rules of choir class. Aside from the obvious humor in thinking of choir as just another one of the multitude of classes, such as Shop, that seem to breed misbehavior, there was the actual set of rules themselves. Being a dutiful parent, before signing the sheet I read over them and noticed this passage:

"...you must have your choir folder and pencil in your hand when the role is called."

I read the rest of the sheet and sure enough, it's "role" throughout.

Yes, I know, improper spelling does not necessarily indicate a lack of intelligence, and I misspell words all the time, but, still. I mean, the front of the roll book says "ROLL BOOK" on it.

I imagine choir is going to be quite an experience.

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