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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

There's an hour I won't ever get back.

First off, I've said it before, and it's true--I am a computeretard. I don't know anything substantive about them, mainly because I have always thought they should be like a toaster or the telephone. You should just be able to use them without much thought.

The frightening thing is that there are people--seemingly bright, responsible adults--who see computers the way a cave man might look at a toaster. "Oh! Box with fire make bread brown! Me hit on rock to make rock turn into bread!" Yes, it doesn't make a bit of sense to me, either. But that's the type of people I work with.

Just had an hour long meeting with the guy who takes our photos and slaps together our PowerPoint presentations for our thrice-monthly regulatory meetings with our adoring public. What made it last an hour was the fact that he's going to be gone on vacation in a couple of weeks, and wanted to fill everyone in on how he puts these presentations together. My boss, three of my coworkers, Picture Guy, and me. Our combined computer expertise could fill an entire thimble. The bad part is that 98% of the thimble would be filled with stuff I know.

The worst part is that two of the other folks in the group believe that they know everything. You know, like how to SAVE things! In a FOLDER!

So, trying to get them to understand how to take the photos, download them to a folder, rename them something intelligible, then drop them into a PowerPoint template, edit the captions, and get it burnt to a CD was quite an exercise. Especially considering Photo Guy speaks English as his second language.

I see a lot of work headed my way.

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