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Friday, June 04, 2004

Oh, surely it's almost time to leave.

I hope so. Because that means it's time for the weekend, and that means trying to erase the shame of my earlier photographic abuse through manly and wholesome outdoor leisure activities such as mowing the grass and killing a mountain lion with my bare hands. (Being that we are rather low on the latter item, I do consider it a valid option to grille some steaks in lieu thereof. BUT THEY'LL BE RARE! Or medium.) There's laundry to be done, which I will assist with in the manly way by putting everything together on HOT with two cups of detergent, and there's housecleaning to do, which I will do the manly way by burping loudly and scratching myself.

For once, there's not much other stuff to go and do this weekend. The kids want to go see the latest Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Puberty, but we might not. I DO have some really cool DVDs that Jim Smith sent to me today all about Egypt, so maybe I can convince the kids to forego a trip to the theater. We probably do need to swing by the library and get them signed up for the summer reading program. Of course, my contribution to this will be to leer at the girl with the short red hair at the desk and loudly ask if they have the newest issue of Maxim. And then I will grunt. And then go kill another mountain lion. (Again, possible substitutions for the latter act could include making a sandwich and drinking a Diet Coke.)

SO, all of you come back Monday and let's see what happens. Have yourselves a great weekend!

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