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Monday, June 07, 2004

Oh, man, how could I forget?!

One of the manly things I mentioned last Friday was going to the library to sign the kids up for the summer reading program and leer at the redheaded girl. Before the trip to the hardware store, we made the run to the library, where I was shocked to see that there actually WAS a leerworthy girl behind the counter with short red hair! (I was merely employing the idea of her as a literary device on Friday, but somehow, just like the steaks, she actually materialized!) Anyway, we got the young'uns signed up and a load of books for each to read as well as some for us. Reba got a couple of autobiographies, one by Christina Ferrare (I sure hope there's no signficance to that choice!) and the other a short one more in the 'Meaningful Reflections' category by Sarah Ferguson (yet ANOTHER redhead!); and I checked out Chaim Herzog's Battles of the Bible and ordered through interlibrary loan--The Autobiography of a Magdelen by Louise Wooster, and another one that I can't even remember. Which means it's a MYSTERY!

I just love mysteries.

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