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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

More Fun Than I've Had All Day!

Made even funner by the seredipitous occasion of seeing George McMillan on the street right before I got to the restaurant. Now, for those who don't know Mr. McMillan, he is quite the mover, as well as a shaker, and in addition to occasionally running for governor also does event planning and is director of City Stages. And has quite a distinctive patois which I am quite fond of mocking from time to time. It has the rapidity of a hurried New Yorker, but with the Old South Monied Lawyer inflections and cadence--"Hihowyou! Mahname'sJoe-udgeMACmillun! Wegonnahave a simplyWUNDahfulshow thisye'ah! Gonnahave Joe-udgeClinton an'PEEfunk, an'Th'SquullNutZippahs..."

On and on. It's a fun voice to do, and one of the things I used to get to mess with My Friend Pam about when she worked here. So, the moment she walked in, I started pestering her with, "Guess who I just saw! Guess! Guess!" And when she couldn't possibly guess, I launched in to full Joe-udge. Which she thought was funny.

Such fun--we talked about mutual acquaintances who are annoying; and about a particular fellow we know very well who thinks himself quite the big fish in the small pond of Birmingham, who was seen at the local Y wearing a Speedo--he is a large, burly man, given to fits of great arrogance--an arrogance made more arroganter by the fact that he would actually wear something like that and think it acceptable to other humans; her boys--one graduating college, one starting; my recent sharp-edged self-mutilation--boy, that story keeps getting better and better; her getting an offer for a full-time history-teaching gig; the old workplace; various gossipy things not fit for such a fine publication as this; all the while shoveling food in our mouths.

Hard to beat a lunch like that.

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