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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Mid-day Wrapup!

Well, actually, they [that being, the kids] are good--but it’s fun to exaggerate. So far today:

8:10--Load up little children in various states of dress to take Oldest to band camp, endure having to listen to some caterwauling teen songstress on the CD player. But only as long as Oldest was in the van.

8:30--Get back, start supper. Menu for tonight is chuck roast, prepared au l’pot de crockerie. Pedestrian, yes, but when you’re using meat that was buy one, get one free, it pays to do something to it that will make it actually chewable. Salt, pepper, a splash of lime juice, some Crystal hot sauce, some of this, some of that--been cooking all morning and it smells divine. Other stuff will include some steamed broccoli and carrots, and a marinated salad of sliced fresh cukes and yellow squash from my mom’s garden and a bit of onion, all steeping in some olive oil vinaigrette.

9-ish--Run outside and do a check of the back forty. New bags for the Japanese beetle traps--this is the fourth set of bags I’ve used. You have to keep them changed very regularly because the dead bugs start stinking and the traps don’t work as well. Imagine that! Check on Jonathan’s pear tree--full of fruit. Must be thirty pounds or more on there. Bird seed supply holding out, for now. Fix kids some grapes to snack on. Log onto Web for five minutes to check progress of Thursday Three.

9:50--Load up little children in various states of dress to go pick up Oldest from band camp. Park, wait a bit, back home. Take towels out of dryer, put blacks-n-reds into dryer, start lingerie.

Late 10-ish--Promise that the kids can watch Lord of the Rings if they will go upstairs and put away the larger bits of flotsam and jetsam in their floors.

Sometime around 11--they get finished, movie on, dryer buzzes, pile of clothes unceremoniously plopped in middle of disinterested children. The clothes eventually are folded. In the meantime, it is time to prepare lunch--a really good tater and broccoli soup from Knorr. Takes forever--possibly due to my dropping my bowl of soup onto the top of the stove. And down the front. And into the floor. Clean up. Continue to tend soup, stirring continuously. Smoke alarm goes off due to smoke created by something that had dripped down into pan under the element. This tends to happen a lot, because there is one certain cook in the house who often neglects to clean the pans when she spills something onto the stove. Which also happens a lot. So there’s usually smoke when we cook. ::sigh:: Dare not suggest alternative course of action where pan gets cleaned while stuff is still not baked on. While soup finishes cooking, pan-fried some corn tortillas that I had cut into chips. Lunch. Universal accolades for quality and heartiness of meal. Kids go put away stuff they folded while I clean up the mess I made AND clean the pan under the element. Take lingerie our of dryer, put permapress in dryer, put jeans in washer.

And now, back here again!

Next up on the agenda is to go see if I can make any headway on cleaning out the dining room, or a nap.

(AND--Thanks to LittleA for catching my duplication catching my duplication!)

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